NFT’s annual dark horse is coming! The popular animation IP “LALALACOCO” will log on to ANIMETA platform on December 23

Official news shows that the popular animation IP “LALALACOCO” is expected to log on to ANIMETA platform on December 23, with a total of 150 series of NFT works online. At that time, users all over the world can participate in rush buying through the home page of ANIMETA APP client.

Selling Details of NFT of “LALALACOCO” Series

Online platform: ANIMETA platform( )


Sales quantity: 150

Initial selling price: 200 USDT

NFT sales time: specific rush purchase time can be viewed in the official APP


LALALACOCO is about to launch ANIMETA NFT market

This is a little girl who takes “looking for all kinds of cute things” as her duty every day. The standard glasses and straight bangs are fascinating. She has a doll like beautiful clothes and a changing wardrobe. She is bright and interesting, fashionable and lovely, just like a fashion friend around us. She has no sense of distance, knows how to create happiness, and is full of infinite possibilities.


LALALACOCO is the latest anime image designed by the original author of Hello Kitty and the famous Japanese illustrator image designer “Yuko Qingshui” after 11 years. Yuko Shimizu graduated from Musashino University of Fine Arts in 1969. Hello Kitty was born on November 1, 1974.

On November 1, 2016, Yuko Qingshui took a gold pen and drew the original image of LALALACOCO with a pencil. This Harajuku character with red glasses, wavy curly hair, two cat ears exposed, and a big bow tie has once again inherited the fashion and cute genes.

Yuko Qingshui once mentioned that her father gave her three white cats on her third birthday. They gave her a lot of inspiration in the process of creation. She believes that role creation should convey warmth and comfort, and she hopes that her creation can give people a friendly feeling, just like meeting an old friend.

It is worth mentioning that at present, LALALACOCO brand has launched animated series in Chinese Mainland, and has launched the Bilibili platform. The number of fans has reached 95000, with a total score of 8.2 points.

Picture of the 13th episode of LALALACOCO animation

Introduction to ANIMETA Platform

ANIMETA is positioned as an open and aggregated animation NFT trading platform, covering NFT asset creation, circulation, storage, trading and other functions and play methods.

ANIMETA is committed to playing NFT animation ecology. Build an NFT trading platform for animation IP with blockchain technology. To provide creators with animation information traceability, copyright protection, and precision marketing, so as to build a fast and efficient aggregate fringe benefit collection. In ANIMETA’s ecology, everyone can participate in creation and invest in works. Creators can set pricing and trading methods for their works through ANIMETA to obtain fair benefits.

At present, with the rise of NFT market, it is imperative to reform and innovate the brand influence through NFT, and the IP focusing on “high memory” will become one of the core competitiveness. Under the guidance of new business concepts such as “cross-border innovation, trendy pluralism”, ANIMETA will also enable LALALACOCO to have a higher awareness and recognition in the world, giving consumers and animation fans unlimited surprise and expectation in the future.

NFT’s annual dark horse is coming! The popular animation IP “LALALACOCO” will log on to ANIMETA platform on December 23

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