As an automated DAPP deployed on the chain, OpenLoo wants to help 100,000 noobs receive airdrops

With the end of this epic round of ARB airdrops, many people have easily achieved financial freedom. However, only a few have become rich, and most people still missed it. In the context of the downward bear market environment, it seems to be even more difficult to make profits through investment. Therefore, many investors have launched the slogan of not investing but just licking their hair, and they can get a lot of airdrop returns at zero or small cost. The low-cost investment method of “airdrop” has quickly gained response from people in the industry, and there are also many friends who don’t know how to do it. They want to join this wave. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100,000 novices have I want to participate in the airdrop. Therefore, conservative estimates suggest that this will be a multi-billion-level market.

However, there is no web3 project for hairdressing on the market. The gold-making studios are expensive and the security is worrying. It is also difficult to hairdress yourself, whether it is the cumbersome use of wallets, DAPP interactions, or “witch attacks” and “IP The troubles of various professional terms such as “isolation” and the complicated data collection make it difficult for many newbies to start. There are also the scams of the golden cicada escaping from the shell of the teacher Shan. These walls keep the gold diggers out.

The OpenLoo team saw the plight of the hair-raising market and also saw the huge potential of this market. Therefore, OpenLoo was born. As an automated deployment DAPP on the chain, OpenLoo wants to help 100,000 novices airdrop and achieve financial freedom.

With OpenLoo, users only need to easily create a wallet address and link it with the DAPP application. When the airdrop event starts, users only need to enter their wallet address in the DAPP application to participate in the airdrop. The operation is simple and there is no need to worry about technical thresholds. In addition, OpenLoo uses multiple encryption technologies to automatically execute programs through smart contracts, ensuring the security of assets, reducing the risk of manual errors, and ensuring the quality and stability of applications. Only users and programs know their private keys, eliminating the hidden dangers of traditional airdrop and gold mining studios privately transferring airdrops and other assets.

The automated deployment of DAPP technology on the chain is an important development in the blockchain world, and OpenLoo is an excellent practice of this technology. OpenLoo provides convenience for more novices who want to participate in airdrops but do not have the technical threshold, and also brings more new vitality to the blockchain world. If you also want to participate in the airdrop track, come to OpenLoo to experience one-click Let’s masturbate!

About OpenLoo:

OpenLoo is a Web3 application that implements fully automated on-chain interaction. Products launched in the first phase include airdrop interaction for zkSync, starknet, venom and other networks.

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As an automated DAPP deployed on the chain, OpenLoo wants to help 100,000 noobs receive airdrops

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