8V.com Launches Fixed-term Staking with APY of up to 12%

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The world’s first metaverse crypto exchange, 8V.com, has launched its most recent cryptocurrency staking products. These enable users to stake and earn up to 12% APY on a 90-day fixed-term contract.

Crypto staking is one of the simplest and safest ways for digital asset holders to earn a passive income by using their tokens to help verify transactions on a blockchain network.

Staking and earning on 8V.com is secure as it holds a Money Services Business (MSB) certification from the United States and Canada. These certifications allow 8V.com to provide legal crypto trading services and pave the way for the world’s only metaverse crypto exchange to expand globally.

8V.com also offers a 30-day fixed-term staking opportunity with a 9% APY. Over 150,000 users in less than four months strongly indicate how easy it is to navigate this Asian-based crypto exchange.

Apart from staking and crypto earning, 8V.com provides reliable, secure, user-friendly, and highly efficient financial information and global virtual financial trading services. It leads the way in creating a true metaverse ecosystem with the broadest range of metaverse coins.

The only metaverse crypto exchange in the world has experienced meteoric growth. The reason behind this growth is due to the high quality and volume of Metaverse coins available, along with the integration of mini-games.Bringing these products and services in one place has allowed 8V to achieve an open, brand-new metaverse platform.

The user-centric metaverse exchange offers a range of services much like any other crypto exchange, including coin swaps, futures, spot, and margin trading, as well as staking. It also plans to integrate an NFT platform, GameFi, and pay-to-play gaming services.

Please find more information on: https://8v.com

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Contact Person: Ann Su

Email: ann.su@8vex.com

Website: https://8v.com

8V.com Launches Fixed-term Staking with APY of up to 12%

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